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People want to experience PLR for different reasons. Apart from the curiosity basis, which some people call a "Past Life Tourist", here are some of the present day problems it can help to cure / ease and additional benefits:

• Anxiety / panic attacks    •  Unexplained illnesses or pains      • Broken hearts  . PTSD   • Fear of dying    •  Helping come to terms with the loss of someone   • Allergies    • Phobias, Fears and compulsions   • General feeling of being more at peace    • Can help connect to the higher self for people wanting to raise their vibration and improve intuition or psychic development

When a significant event in a Past Life is encountered it can release a surge of emotion. This blocked emotion (called Abreaction) is what can be causing an issue in your present life, so by releasing it a healing process will be able to start. Many people feel lighter, with a 'spring in their step' when they leave a session, but don't quite know why. The healing will continue over the next week to two weeks.

Some people will just come for one session but others will come on a course of sessions to work on various issues picked up in the therapy.

Each session is about 90 minutes 

First "Tourist" session is an introductory price of £80 (online session) or £90 for face to face

Therapy Sessions thereafter are £90 (online session) or £100 face to face


How we may know that we have lived before

Memories / Era - Ever had that deja vu feeling or just recall something as familiar? Or maybe you have a feeling you are an old soul?

This is most prevalent in children and sadly the memories are starting to go by 5 years and are usually gone by the time we get into our teens. However, some memories come to us in dreams or sudden flashes and they just seem too real to be made up. 

People - Feel like you have met before?

Have you ever felt like you have met someone before but cannot explain it? We reincarnate in soul groups, over and over again. In Regression we can find the connections and even heal past interactions where required. 

Places - Does a certain house or place feel familiar and yet you have never been there? Are you drawn to certain countries but not sure why? Or perhaps you have always had a deep interest in a certainly military period?

Well it's likely you will go straight to that place in your Past Life Regression!


INTERLIFE THERAPY (life between lives)

What is the Interlife?

The Interlife is from the moment that we pass over, experience being "collected" by loved ones (can differ), then the soul rises up to the light. This experience has been documented thousands of times by people having an NDE (near death experience) during heart attacks, surgery and car crashes etc.. There is significant proof on the matter, including evidence from Neurosurgeons etc who have experienced the event first hand. One prime example is Eben Alexander, who has written various books on his experience and lots of documentaries can be found on Youtube.. 

The experience then differs for most people but it is extremely interesting and eye opening! I do not like people to pre-empt what is going to happen, so I don't like to describe what they are likely to see and feel!

Who can experience the Interlife therapy?

The therapy is only suitable for clients with previous past life regression experience. They should also have resolved any current life issues which we do in Energy Therapy sessions. 

The Session

The session lasts 90 minutes and the cost is £90 for online or £100 face to face

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