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For Heartbreak

I am excited to be offering a new hypnotherapy session, as a one off 90 minute course, for anyone suffering from ‘Heartbreak’ due to a relationship breakdown. Most of us know what a painful, emotional, heart wrenching experience this can be. It can feel like your heart is physically broken! The extremes are insomnia, lack of motivation, bad eating habits, and 40% of people will actually form some type of depression. No matter how many of your friends tell you that you must move on and get on with your life, it can be extremely difficult to make that transition. The session involves a variety of techniques including retrieval of the lost part of you which feels that has been torn away, mending your broken heart, taking the positive future path, cutting ties with your ex and burning the connection etc.

Cost is £95 for a one off session online or £105 face to face

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