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We are made of energy. Whenever we get a stressful situation in our lives (such as trauma, stress, loss etc), our energy can get fragmented away and blockages in our body's energy system will occur. This will eventually cause a symptom - anything from anxiety, panic attacks, stress, chronic fatigue, depression, PTSD, IBS, psychical pains, constant colds etc. And that is just the start of it! 

The other symptoms we may get are feeling spaced out, tired all of the time, lost, being angry, no sense of emotion, unable to sleep, becoming obsessed with thinking we or family members are ill and dying, to name but a few.

I use a traditional hypnotherapy technical called Regression (where you go back in time to the cause), combined with an Energy Retrieval technique. Your subconscious mind will take you wherever it has lost your energy in the past - and trust me it knows exactly where to go! It will normally go back to situations in childhood as we are obviously very small and vulnerable as children. Think of the energy field around us and how it would be affected in a trauma - and that trauma can be anything from just parents arguing, bullying in school, abuse etc. So in the process we will carry out various techniques of releasing emotion which has been blocked, release old negative ties with people or places, sometimes "re-frame" the situation and play it out in our minds eye of how we would have wanted it to go that day, see it with all of your adult knowledge so that you can understand the situation and feel differently about it, see yourself telling people how they have affected you, forgive people where possible, forgive yourself for holding onto any feelings of guilt or blame etc, and last of all....Your subconscious will recognise the energy it had lost at that time and you will absorb it back in. Sounds crazy but you really do see it as psychical matter! 

Once absorbed back in you start to feel stronger and lighter. During the process and for up to 2 weeks after, your energy will start to release and unblock, clearing that old negative energy and emotions. I have incredible success rates with this therapy.

Please note that although some people can be sorted in one session, usually 3-5 sessions will sort out most issues. It is just like any therapy. Full commitment must be provided to finish the recommended sessions.

Price for 90 minute session online- £95

face to face - £105

Buy 4 sessions and pay upfront and get 5th session free



"Trauma" meaning "Wound" in Greek

Most of peoples physical and mental problems will stem from trauma, usually events starting from childhood and building up and up as we get older.

Trauma.. what is it? 

Trauma is the symptom of what many people suffer in the aftermath of overwhelming experiences. It is a shock to the psyche, body, nervous system and soul. It can cut us in pieces and seems to disconnect our mind from our bodies, and people will often have little awareness of what they are feeling, psychically and emotionally. 

Like What?

A trauma can be extreme, such as being involved or viewing an accident, bereavement of a loved one, being involved in war zones, sexually and mentally abused etc etc

Or it can be significant but milder, such as a young child witnessing parents arguing, emotional neglect, stress in families (such as alcoholic parents), child feeling unloved or alone, school bullying (even mild versions of people just saying hurtful things), feeling rejected, bullying at work, operations, etc etc

What can it cause?

Anxiety, panic attacks, stress, anger, depression, fears including agoraphobia, avoiding situations, sleep disorders, feeling overwhelmed by common everyday events, loss of connection with ourselves, our families and the outside world, lack of confidence and self esteem, mind racing, lack of concentration, etc.

Physical - PTSD, migraines, chronic neck and back issues, tightness in chest and difficulty breathing IBS, PMS, epilepsy, chronic fatigue, asthma, etc.


"Losing the connection to ourselves in childhood is responsible for most of our problems in Adulthood"

Why do we get this blockage?

Trauma makes the nervous system get turned on and become locked in fear, anxiety and terror. We go into "Fight or flight" mode but modern day humans do not complete the cycle of the "flight", so the natural process is not completed. Think of a wild animal such as an impala which gets chased by the lion. It goes into flight, hopefully manages to escape, goes through the anxiety stage of increased heart rate - then slowing back down of the heart rate, trembling, shaking, sweating, and finally and fairly quickly back to normal and returns to the feeling of safety and comfort.

 Humans generally do not complete this process with a trauma, so instead of the natural flow where we peak and resolve, the body gets stuck and tight - in the neck, back, constriction in breathing, then stops the energy (Chi) system from flowing properly around the body, and stops proper blood flow to all of the organs of the body.

We can also get a complete disassociation to cut off the terror, fear and pain. It's because we want to disconnect the mind and thought, and mind and body as we think it eases pain. These blocked thoughts will fester in the subconscious mind and unfortunately don't go away. So the mind and body knows that something is there, even if your conscious mind has conveniently forgotten about it.

Another way the mind tries to cope is by replaying the trauma over and over in their mind. The reason for this is the ability to fully remember what happened. Because the memory is repressed, the patient repeats the repressed material as a contemporary experience, instead of remembering it as something that belongs in the past. But if a person does not remember it they will act it out but reproduces it not as a memory, but as an action. He repeats it without knowing he's repeating it. In the end he thinks he's remembering. This is how traumatised people get stuck in their trauma and will start to get some of the physical and emotional  symptoms mentioned above. This can be a problem with "Talk Therapies" - constantly going over the same hurt and pain, creating deeper and deeper grooves.

Post traumatic actions

. Can manifest over a long period of time, even decades after the event

. Some come and go

. Symptoms usually come in groups

. They can become less and less connected to the trauma experience ie. migraine, epilepsy, asthma, IBS

. May switch from one to another

"There is no separation between the brain and immune system. Every emotion plays a psychological role in our body. Our lives are a print out of our psychological mind 95% of the time"

Why do we get these symptoms? 

The mind has become disconnected from the body and the symptoms are sending us a reminder to focus back in the body to where we need to be.

The entire organism - mind, body and spirit, becomes stuck and continues to behave as if there is a clear and present danger.

How do we fix it?

Unfortunately the medical profession generally believes that trauma cannot be resolved. Statistics show that they will tell 75% of patients that they can't find anything wrong with them when they are suffering from trauma symptoms. Their answer is to put people onto anti depressants, sleeping tables and anti anxiety medication.

I completely disagree that trauma cannot be cured. I have seen remarkable results in many of my clients. Completely life changing!

Hypnosis is a gentle, fast and effective way to address the traumas of the past. The subconscious mind will know exactly what is causing the problem, and will take you back there so that it can be released and fixed. This not only releases the suppressed memory, but releases the blocked emotion it's been harbouring. This in turn releases the blockage in your energy system and can completely reverse the symptoms. Effectively completing the trauma cycle which didn't happen at the time of the incident.

My Energy retrieval sessions work on releasing past traumas. Some clients with mild symptoms may feel a remarkable improvement with one session. For deeper issues you must be committed to completing the recommended amount of therapy. Usually 3-5 sessions are required. I have treated many clients who have experienced severe trauma such as sexual abuse, child abandonment, bereavements etc and the process has been life changing for them.

Each session is about 90 minutes 

£95 per online session

£105 face to face session

Special offers can be available for courses paid up front

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